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Typography and paper goods are a weakness for me, so I’m sometimes drawn to incorporating graphic typography into home design.  But it has to be done just right.  It’s easy to venture into cheesy territory.  So far, I’ve only gone down this road with the blogger favorite, “For Like Ever”, which hangs in my daughter’s room.  I’d like to incorporate something more sentimental into another room (an idea is simmering, as I type, stay tuned).

These images demonstrate how to hang typography without being cutesy.  The trick seems to be clean lines and modern (or no) framing paired with more traditional design.

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Literally inspired?  We sourced the artwork in the photos above just for you:



shopping list:

  1. Why Hello
  2. Darling, I love you….
  3. Just Another Thing Hanging Over Your Head
  4. For Like Ever
  5. Be Still, My Soul

Click on photos for sources.

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