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If you are like me, there are nights when the question “what’s for dinner?” is met with the honest response “I have no clue.”  Rather than relying on pizza delivery or take-out Chinese on those nights, we have started using a healthier option.  Plate is a take-out only restaurant in the Marina that allows customers to order customizable meals using the PlateSF app.  You can make your selections using the app and then pick up dinner in the store (or using their convenient curbside valet, so you don’t even have to park).  You can also walk in and order and then just take it to go.

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The Plate system lets users order a main dish and two sides.  The restaurant assembles the customer’s choices on a ceramic plate which the customer can then reheat at home. The meals come in two sizes, the health conscious “Fit” or the extra-large “Ultra.”  In our experience, Plate offers at least 5-6 main courses and 5-6 sides from which to choose.  Plate also offers a kid’s size (but you have to order of the “kids menu” to take advantage of that option).   They also offer a la carte options for most of their items.  The ceramic plates that the food comes on are reusable, and you can either keep them or return them for a $1 credit.  (And, my kids love them because the logo looks like a happy face.)

plate salmon

I think even the best, most well-prepared, home cooks have nights where they either don’t have the ingredients on hand or the time and energy to cook dinner at home.  For those nights, Plate is a welcome addition to my neighborhood.

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