Weekend Inspiration: On the Road

July 22, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments

I am heading off on vacation today and I have been thinking about my essential travel items.  I am all about packing light.  Whenever possible, I do not like to check luggage.  We are heading out for 8 days and I will be bringing a rolling bag and a tote.  Some people think this sounds like an impossible feat.  So, how do I do it?  Here are a couple of my favorite tricks.

First, I pack my clothes using a limited color scheme.  It cuts down on the number of shoes, bags and accessories that I need to bring.  I use the tote that I bring on the plane for daytime outings and tuck a cross-body pouch into my luggage for the times when I only want to carry a few items.

Second, I like to bring clothes that transition well from day and night (preferably in neutral colors).  Sundresses are a perfect choice for that.  I wear them with flats during the day and then slip on heeled sandals and jewelry for an evening out.

Third, I bring the minimum number of beauty products possible.  I have a travel set that includes a smaller pouch (perfect for my tote during the day) and a larger pouch for morning routine items.  I rely on hotel shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer and I bring only absolutely essential make up.

Here are some of my favorite supplies.  Bon voyage!


Sources (clockwise from top left)


The Transport Tote

Crossbody Bag

Sunset Blossoms Necklace

Glittery Tortoise Necklace

Heeled Sandals

Eyelet Shift Dress

Linen Shift Dress

Leather Fringe Sandals

Leather Travel Set




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