Trays: Don’t Just Sit There and Look Pretty

October 27, 2014 by Ariana | 1 Comment

Trays are the perfect decorating accent.  Like pillows, adding a striking tray can easily enhance your decor.  Both functional and stylish, trays come in all colors, sizes, and shapes imaginable.  They work in modern to traditional settings, and they don’t break the bank.

Trays also make a great project if you’re in a creative mood.  The wooden tray shown below (found at the Alameda Flea Market) was easily transformed with white and gold spray paint and some painter’s tape.  If you want to check out how I created my own take on the chevron tray, head over to my friend’s blog, Jewels at Home.


photo 1

This DIY tray serves up Revolving Decor’s favorite cocktail — Champagne + St. Germain.

I love how functional trays are and use one in nearly every room, from setting up our drinks, organizing my desktop to arranging my jewelry.  Simply placing items on the tray keeps things organized and looking great.


photo 2

This inexpensive tray from Target acts as our morning coffee station.

First image courtesy of iomoi, where you can customize lacquered trays. 

Can’t wait to start organizing your table/desk/dresser/countertop?

shopping list:

  1. West Elm Small Rectangular Lacquer Tray
  2. Target Patterned Round Tray (like the one above)
  3. Dwell Studio Gilded Tray
  4. Ikea Birch Tray
  5. Design Within Reach Kaleido Trays



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