Things Are Looking Up

May 26, 2015 by Melissa | 0 Comments

I have been spending a lot of time looking up.  It used to be a foregone conclusion that a ceiling would be painted some version of white, cream, or at most a pale gray. These days, the opposite seems to be true.  In every newly decorated space that I visit, I notice something interesting about the ceilings.  From paint, to wallpaper, to decals, the ceiling is no longer ignored.  In fact, oftentimes, the ceiling is where the action is.

Anecdotally, blue appears to be the hue of choice for ceilings.  This makes sense.  The sky is blue (most days) after all.  There is something cheerful about a room with a blue ceiling.

For those with a less sunny disposition, there is also a tradition in the deep South of painting porch ceilings a specific shade of “Haint” Blue, a soft blue-green, to ward off evil spirits called “haints.”  Perhaps that tradition has something to do with disproportionate number of blue ceilings we are seeing.  Whatever the case (or color) may be, the trend of decorated ceilings is a “look we love.”

Apartmenttherapy.com, ceiling paint

Image courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com

bhg.com, ceiling paint

Image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

trip advisor com

Image courtesy of tripadvisor.com

decorpad, painted ceiling

Image courtesy of decorpad.com

ceiling paint



Image courtesy of houseofturquoise.com.porch com

Image courtesy of porch.com

ceiling wallpaper

Image courtesy of decorpad.com 

Want to try this trend on for size?  Apartment Therapy has an excellent guide to “tackling the fifth wall.”  (Here).

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