The Relaxing Bath

May 4, 2017 by Melissa | 0 Comments

These days, I think there is nothing more relaxing than a long bath.  To be honest, before I had children it had been years since I had used a bathtub.  Showers are simply more efficient.  But, after bathing our children became part of our evening routine, I became reacquainted with the joy of taking a bath.  I love being able to unwind with some good bath salts, maybe a glass of wine, a candle and a book.  In fact, when we recently remodeled our home a free-standing bathtub was at the tippy-top of my wish list.

Since a good bath requires a few essentials, it is also important to find a stylish (and functional) bath caddy.  I prefer the type that stretches all the way across the tub.  It has to have space for everything and feel pretty sturdy.  To be honest, I haven’t found very many interesting choices out there, but here are a few worth mentioning.

The most basic choice I found is the classic, chrome tray.

RH Tub Tray

Tub Extension Tray

For something a bit more deluxe you can add a book rack.

Mercer Tub Caddy

Mercer Bathtub Caddy

Or, maybe better, you can get one with a removable book rack.

Bath Caddy with Book Rack

Bath Caddy with Book Rack

While these choices are all perfectly adequate, I am looking for something a bit more original.  Perhaps a wood option would add a natural element to what is an otherwise cold space.  This teak shelf could do the trick.

Teak Bathtub Shelf

Teak Bathtub Shelf

This reclaimed oak version adds a nice rustic element.

Oak Tub Caddy

Reclaimed Oak Tub Tray

On the other hand, perhaps a sleeker choice is better in the bathroom.  The lucite tray below would hold all of my essentials quite nicely.

Lucite Bath Caddy

Similar available here.

All of these trays have their pros and cons.  The book racks are a nice feature but the wire surface may make wine glasses or candles tough to balance.  On the other hand, the flat surfaces of the wood and lucite trays may not be great for reading.  Overall, though, there are some great choices out there and any of them would look beautiful while providing a place for bath time essentials.

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