The Calm Before The Storm

December 23, 2015 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Today is the last day of relative calm before the full-fledged Christmas flurry of activity begins. Of course we’ve been focused on the holiday all month but, in our house, Christmas begins in ernest on Christmas eve.  Over the years, Christmas eve has become almost as important as Christmas day. So on December 23rd, before things get too crazy, I like to take some time for myself.  I try to operate at a leisurely pace and, rather than rushing around, I try to enjoy some final Christmas preparations.  I know you are wondering how it is possible to slow down and relax on the eve of Christmas eve? Here are some of my favorite ways to embrace the day.


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Take a Little Me Time

I make it a priority to get some exercise and a mani pedi on December 23rd. Aside from the obvious health and beauty benefits of these activities, both provide a little quiet time in the morning to help me get organized and figure out how to tackle the days ahead.


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Christmas Cookies

Inevitably, we are rushed on Christmas eve so December 23rd becomes our day for baking cookies. The kids and I play Christmas carols and decorate cut out sugar cookies. It never fails the kids lose interest before we are finished so I have learned to enlist friends to help. It becomes a bit of a party and we always have fun.

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Holiday Movie

Once the kids are asleep, my husband and I put on a holiday film, pour ourselves a glass of wine (or, in his case, eggnog), and finish wrapping the presents.  My favorite holiday movie is Love Actually, his is Christmas Vacation.

We would love to hear about your traditions. What do you do before the Christmas craziness sets in? Whatever you chose to do today, we hope you take some time to enjoy the calm before the storm.

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