A Room for a Family

As I mentioned earlier this week, we have been settling into our new home in Chicago this summer.  Over the years, I have noticed that it is very difficult to move furniture from one house to another.  It doesn’t matter if … Continue reading

The Relaxing Bath

These days, I think there is nothing more relaxing than a long bath.  To be honest, before I had children it had been years since I had used a bathtub.  Showers are simply more efficient.  But, after bathing our children became … Continue reading

Break It Down: Spring Living Room

Lately I have been a little bit obsessed with following Studio McGee on Pinterest.  The design team has a really great transitional style that perfectly blends classic and contemporary pieces.  The rooms are balanced, current, and perhaps most importantly, livable.  As … Continue reading

In The Works: Kids Bathroom

People say that bathrooms and kitchens sell houses.  In our case, we purchased our home in spite of the bathrooms and kitchen.  After being built in 1927, the bathrooms had not been updated.  In addition to being a hazard – … Continue reading

The Elusive Master Bedroom

For most people I know, the master bedroom is the last to get attention.  In my experience, people first address the public spaces in their home – the foyer, living room, dining room, powder room.  Then, for one reason or … Continue reading