Madeline Weinrib is Closing its Doors

  We’re sad to see one of our favorites — Madeline Weinrib — close its doors this week.  Her designs are the first to come to mind when we are looking to infuse vibrant color and patterns into interiors.  As devoted fans … Continue reading

Featured Item: Antique Banquette

  We are fortunate to have this gorgeous, antique banquette for sale on the website right now for $ 500.00. We know it can be difficult to figure out how to mix old pieces with more current items.  So, we decided … Continue reading

San Francisco Decorator Showcase

If you haven’t seen the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, be sure to visit before it closes on May 25th.  This design show house event features the region’s top interior designers.  The funds raised support the financial aid program at University High … Continue reading

How to Mix Prints

Prints can be intimidating.  Like most things in design, there’s no right or wrong way to mix them.  But for those who want to add some pattern to your decor but don’t know how, this post is for you. Let’s … Continue reading

How to Choose a Rug

A friend requested this post.  She wants to know how and why one chooses a rug, specifically for living and dining rooms.  So I gave it some thought and am tackling her questions here. Why buy a rug?  When you … Continue reading