Items We Love: My Fall Wish List

Maybe it is was all those years of “back to school” shopping, but when fall rolls around I feel compelled to update my wardrobe.  While I do not need to buy an entirely new wardrobe, certain basic pieces have started … Continue reading

Weekend Inspiration: Mom’s The Word

It is Mother’s Day weekend and even the most well-intentioned of us may have put off buying a gift until the last minute.  Here are a few resources that may help you track down the perfect gift in less than 48 hours. Image … Continue reading

Color Crush: Winter White

Image courtesy of simplystacie.net When I think of winter, I think of bright, snowy landscapes.  I imagine ski slopes with a fresh dusting of powder against a beautiful bright sky.  (I do realize that this is often not the reality of … Continue reading

Gift List: Your BFF

Your best girlfriend can be both the easiest and hardest person on your holiday gift list.  Easy because you know her so well.  Hard because you want to give her something unexpected and special.  Harder still trying to resist buying … Continue reading