Bowled Over By Unique Tableware

Inspiration for blog posts can come when I least expect it. The other day I was having lunch at Native Foods in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.  While I was waiting for my order, I decided to peruse the products for sale in … Continue reading

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

I have embraced the idea of turning my bedroom into a zen-like retreat.  One way to do that is to remove electronics from arms reach.  This is supported by everything I have read recently which recommends not keeping your cell phone on your … Continue reading

A Simple Mothers’ Day

This year for Mothers’ Day we are trying to keep things simple.  Rather than heading to my husband’s golf club for a very nice brunch (our typical m.o.), we have decided to host a late lunch at home with family … Continue reading

Featured Item: Antique Banquette

  We are fortunate to have this gorgeous, antique banquette for sale on the website right now for $ 500.00. We know it can be difficult to figure out how to mix old pieces with more current items.  So, we decided … Continue reading