Tick Tock, Tick Tock

I have embraced the idea of turning my bedroom into a zen-like retreat.  One way to do that is to remove electronics from arms reach.  This is supported by everything I have read recently which recommends not keeping your cell phone on your … Continue reading

Featured Item: Barnwood Table

We love featuring our favorite items on the blog and the barnwood table below is definitely one of our favorites. Whenever we can, we like to mix styles.  In the case of this table, we think it would be a great addition to a … Continue reading

Items We Love: Vases for Spring Flowers

The weather in San Francisco has been beautiful lately.  And, while I rationally know that it is only the first week of March, all of these beautiful days have got me thinking about Spring.  One thing I love about Spring … Continue reading

Pillow Talk

Lately I’ve had pillows on the mind.  It’s no secret that decorating with pillows is an easy and inexpensive way to change the look of your room.  We have an ivory sofa in our living room so I often change … Continue reading

Featured Item: Erle Loran Original Painting

Our featured item is an original Erle Loran abstract watercolor.  Not being familiar with Mr. Loran’s works ourselves, we did a little research. Born in Minnesota in 1905, Loran studied under Cameron Booth at the Minneapolis School Of Art.  After … Continue reading