Sending wishes of hope for the new year

December 23, 2016 by Ariana | 0 Comments


Since 2006, the World Tree of Hope has graced the rotunda at San Francisco City Hall.  This 23-foot tree is decorated with over 15,000 handmade cranes all expressing wishes for the future of the world.

The Rainbow World Fund World Tree of Hope, is created as a way to inspire hope and encourage people to think about what they would like for the future of the world. The project recognizes the needs and desires of individuals to participate in the global community and offers a way for people from all over the world to come together to express their hopes and intention.  (Source)

The Rainbow World Fund World Tree of Hope joins together individuals of diverse cultures, points of view, spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic backgrounds and sexual identities, and taps into two of our most powerful resources – the human mind and heart – to give individuals a way to join together to express our hopes and intentions for the future of our global community. (Jeff Cotter, founder, Rainbow World Fund)

As we enter a new year with uncertain changes, we are sending our wishes of hope for a bright future.  We will be enjoying the holiday season with our families and will be back with new content in 2017.  Happy Holidays!

Photo Source:  RWF World Tree of Hope.

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