Rooms We Love: Nancy Meyers Movie Homes

December 10, 2014 by Ariana | 0 Comments

There are a handful of movies that I always stop and watch when channel surfing, no matter how many times I’ve seen them.  “Something’s Gotta Give” is one that I could watch over and over.  It was on this past weekend, so of course, I stopped and watched.  I love this movie, and even though I’ve seen it countless times, I always appreciate another look at Diane Keaton’s character’s beach house.  It’s just perfect — even 10+ years later.  Like a character’s great wardrobe, a well-styled home or movie set enhances the  experience for me.  Nancy Meyers’ film sets always inspire.   From this perfect beach house to Cameron Diaz’s contemporary mediterranean home in “The Holiday” to Meryl Streep’s modern rustic kitchen in “It’s Complicated” — and let’s not forget the “Father of the Bride” home — her movies and their beautifully-designed backdrops stand the test of time.  Take a look.



“Something’s Gotta Give”


“Something’s Gotta Give”


“The Holiday”


“The Holiday”


“It’s Complicated”


“Father of the Bride”

Elle Decor has a great interview with Nancy Meyer.  Read it here.

Images from Hookedonhouses.net (Father of the Bride, The Holiday), Architectural Digest (Something’s Gotta Give), amvermillion.com (It’s Complicated”).

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