Ready to Get Cozy – Looking for Fireplace Inspiration

November 19, 2015 by Melissa | 0 Comments

With fall upon us, I am spending a lot of time thinking about getting cozy in front of a roaring fire with a glass of wine or cup of tea.  One of the things I am looking forward to most about our renovation is re-facing our living room fireplace.  The current style is very dated (complete with Spanish armada-themed tiles).

Making a decision about the style of our fireplace has been difficult.  The problem (and this is not really a problem) is that there are a variety of different styles that are really appealing.  From contemporary, to craftsman, to traditional – I see beauty in all of them.  Here are the photos that are inspiring me right now.

Suburst fireplace

Image courtesy of HGTV.ca

FIreplace carlaaston com

Image courtesy of carlaaston.com

fireplace sarasutin com

Image courtesy of sarasutin.com

Fireplace decoholic org

Image coutesy of decoholic.com

fireplace gallerieb com

Image courtesy of gallerieb.com

fireplace - blogsbabble com

Image courtesy of blogs.babble.com

Fireplace french decoholic org

Image courtesy of decoholic.org

Fireplace desiretoinspire com

Image courtesy of desiretoinspire.com

I am not sure what we will end up with but it has been fun thinking about all of the options.

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