My Favorite Flat Sandals For Spring

March 20, 2018 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Audrey Hepburn Sandals

Image courtesy of thetwelfthtale.blogspot.com

I love the look of a beautiful, classic, flat leather sandal.  Some of my favorite style icons have worn them glamorously over the years.  I think it is a look that never goes out of style and every Spring, I look forward to choosing a pair that will be my workhorse shoes for the summer.  I have a few requirements.  To start, they have to be flat.  I want to be able to wear them every day and walk in them for miles.  In addition, they have to be versatile.  I like to wear them with everything from sundresses to shorts to denim.  Finally, they have to be high-quality.  I do not want to have to replace them mid-season.  Because I wear these shoes to death, I don’t mind spending a bit more for a high-quality pair.

Jackie Kennedy in Sandals

Image courtesy of Town and Country Magazine

This year, there are some great choices available.  Here are few of my front-runners.Steffi Tassle Sandals

Steffi Tassle Sandals

Edris Flat Sandals

Edris Leather Sandal

Patos Flat Sandals

Patos Flat Sandal

Niove Sandals

Niove Sandals

Saint Laurent Nu Pieds Sandals

Nu Pieds Sandals

Fringe Leather Horsebit Sandals

Fringe Leather Horsebit Sandal



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