Milan Design Week 2016

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Milan -logo

Image courtesy of Salonemilano.it

Milan Design Week is happening April 12-17, 2016.  The exhibitions include everything from cutting edge kitchen and bath design, to home furnishings, to accessories.

It is my dream to someday attend this amazing week.  Until that dream comes true, I’ll rely on those who are more fortunate to keep me in the know.   For the past few days, I have been scouring the internet for a preview.   According to those in the know, there will be some interesting trends.  This year, the use of interesting materials – plastics, resin, stained glass – is a theme.  There also seems to be particular attention to tiny living spaces and design for children.  So far, here are a few of my favorite preview photos.  I can’t wait to see the exhibitions once they are unveiled.

Milan - QeeBoo

Image courtesy of Curbed.com.

I love the chair above.  According to Curbed.com, it is part of Qeeboo, a new online brand focused on affordable, high-quality plastic furniture and decor that was launched by Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni. The debut line includes 25 objects from half a dozen well-known designers.

Milan - 2016 porcelain

Image courtesy of curbed.com

I would also love to check out this new  contemporary porcelain brand called 2016/. Curbed.com tells us that it is a project based in Japan’s famed Arita porcelain region in Saga Prefecture, is debuting a full range of pottery collections, featuring 300 pieces developed through a collaboration with 16 international designers.

milan - dezeen Jesomonite

Image courtesy of Dezeen.com

Finally, Dezeen.com included some interesting information about the use of the resin composite material Jesmonite which has become increasingly popular in the design industry.  London studio Pinch will be among those presenting products made from the material – showing its Copper Nim coffee table.

Milan - issey miyake

Image courtesy of designboom.com

Iittala and Issey Miyake are also showing their newly-launched “home collection for every day rituals” in Milan this week.  According to designboom.com, each piece invites you to celebrate the rituals of domestic life by setting a gentle mood through its colors and delicate shapes.  I have to agree.  I want all of the pillows above for my new master bedroom.  Check out the whole collection here.

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