Master Bedroom Decor – Light & Bright vs. Dark & Moody

August 5, 2015 by Melissa | 1 Comment

No one who knows me would ever call me indecisive.  I am decisive to a fault.  Life is busy; I spend my day managing work, kids, a home renovation. . . .Typically I make a decision and I don’t look back.

There is one area, however, where I really cannot make up my mind.  That area is the decor of our master bedroom.  Right now our bedroom is part living space, part home office, and part dumping ground for all things renovation-related.  It is so bad that it could only get better.  Everything needs to be replaced (or at the very least, refurbished).   Perhaps because what we currently have is so terrible, I find myself loving everything.

Somedays I think I want to go with a light, bright master bedroom.  The kind of room that makes you want to open your eyes and greet the day early.  These rooms are gorgeous.

Gray Master Bedroom

Image courtesy of decololic.com.

Canopy bed, domainehome.com

Image courtesy of mydomaine.com.

Stylemepretty, canopy

Image courtesy of stylemepretty.com.

Other days, I think dark and moody is the way to go.  I love these, cocoon-like rooms that encourage sleeping in and curling up with a good book.

Stylemepretty, black wall

Image courtesy of stylemepretty.com.

Lonny mag, master bedroom

Image courtesy of Lonny.com

Dearlittleblog, dark master bedroom

Image courtesy of DearLittleBlog.blogspot.com.

Navy master bedroom

Image courtesy of eclecticallyvintage.com.

The problem is, I really like both looks.  Which do you prefer?

One thought on “Master Bedroom Decor – Light & Bright vs. Dark & Moody

  1. How about a dark accent wall and the rest bright and light for the best of both? Otherwise, since you’re a morning person, I vote bright and light. 🙂

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