Looks We Love: Shower With A View

January 22, 2018 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Marble Shower with window

Image courtesy of DecorPad

A few years ago I stayed in a friend’s house in Sonoma.  The guest room had a shower with a window that ran along the top.  It was a fantastic feature because it let in a ton of natural light without sacrificing privacy.  The window was along the ceiling, which was probably 8-9 feet hight, and on a side of the house where there were no neighbors.  So while relaxing in the shower you could enjoy the gorgeous view of the sky and trees.  Ever since that stay, I have continued to come back to the idea.  While not appropriate for most city homes, it would be gorgeous in a home located in a more rural space.

Marble Shower with window

Image courtesy of DecorPad

One thing I really love about the look as it works with any style of decor.  The shower above is obviously traditional but the feature is just as beautiful in the more contemporary shower below.

Concrete Shower with a window

Image courtesy of RecentlyTheBlog.com

I especially love the concrete shower below with the amazing hillside view.  Obviously this window is a bit on the low side but there doesn’t appear to be much risk of anyone taking a look inside.

Contemporary shower with window

Image courtesy of Designed 

I love the black trim on the window panes in the shower below.  If I am being honest, I would probably not be comfortable showering in a space with a window quite as low as this.  But, I do think it is a beautiful look.

Shower with black paned windows

Image courtesy of Decorology

I cannot wait to use this look in the right project.

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