Looks We Love: Fabric Covered Furniture

September 27, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments

There are a few places in my home where I would like to include a console table or small cabinet, but I don’t necessary want it in a wood tone.  In some rooms, additional wood pieces would be too matchy-matchy.  In other rooms, an additional wood piece may feel a bit cold.  These are the situations when fabric-covered furniture comes in handy.  My favorites are ostrich or grasscloth, but there are many choices out there.  Fabric allows you to soften the line of a structured piece.  It also allows you to add texture to a room in an unexpected way.

I like the console below in ostrich.  The nail heads also add a bit of additional detail.


Celine Nailhead Parsons Table

The remaining pieces are covered in grasscloth or lacquered grasscloth.  I love the texture and many color options that are available.


Grasscloth Covered Waterfall Table


Meredith Cabinet


Dauphine Console


Bouquet Desk