Looks We Love: Colored Leather

March 2, 2018 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Brown Leather Tufted Sofa

Image courtesy of Blood & Champagne

When I think of a piece of leather furniture, my mind immediately goes to a traditional brown leather tufted sofa with just the right amount of wear.  It is a piece I can imagine in a man cave or a cozy family den and, it is a look I love.

The reason that the leather sofa does so well in a man cave or family space is that it can take a lot of wear and tear; a well-made leather sofa looks better over time.  The hard-working nature of leather is one of the things that I love about it the most.  It makes the material perfect for not only sofas but also occasional chairs, dining room chairs, and bar/ counter stools.  Unfortunately, most people I know do not want brown (or black) leather to be the theme of their homes so leather remaines relegated to the man caves and family rooms in our homes.  Until now, that is.  Recently, I have noticed amazing, high-quality colored leathers popping up everywhere.  From blue leather dining room chairs, to fuschia leather sofas, to yellow leather occasional chairs, the uses and colors of leather seem to know no limits.

Williams Sonoma Blue Leather Dining Chairs

Image courtesy of Williams Sonoma Home

Yellow Leather Dining Chairs

Image courtesy of Little Green Notebook

Image courtesy of Inside Out

Image courtesy of Thomas Hardy Studio

If you ask me, leather makes a lot of sense in dining and kitchen spaces.  It is easy to wipe up if a spill occurs, it does not rumple or wrinkle the way some fabrics can and, as you can see from the images above, you can use it with almost any style of decor.

Blue Leather Sofa

Image courtesy of Inside Out

Joybird Fuschia Leather Sofa

Image courtesy of Joybird

Mustard Occasional Chairs

Image courtesy of Delecuona

In the living room, leather has gone far beyond the traditional sofa.  If you are really daring, there is a leather sofa available in any color your heart desires.  If you are not quite ready for such a bold move, an occasional chair is just the right addition.  I think my first foray into colored leather is going to be in the dining room, but I can’t wait to try each of these looks.


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