Looks We Love: Coats and Capes

December 1, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments

This fall I have been on the hunt for two pieces of outerwear, a belted coat and a cape.  I love a wool cape for daytime.  It dresses up jeans and a sweater, but it doesn’t feel too buttoned up.  I also love a belted coat.  I think that it works perfectly as a overcoat for work or for going out in the evening.  And, there is something about cinching the belt that feels cozy (even when I am going to work).

With seasonal sales going on, I have renewed my search in earnest.  Here are a few choices that I am considering.


Vickiye Cape


Aurore Wrap Coat


Gibbsmore Belted Coat


Belted Wool Wrap Coat


Glasglow Belted Cape


Color Block Cape


Reiss Belted Coat

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