Looks We Love: Attracted to Opposites

April 19, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments

They say that “opposites attract” but, in my case, I am attracted to opposites.  The thing that I really love about decorating and design is that there is beauty in so many different looks.  This is especially true when it comes to wood flooring.  For example, I have always loved the look of dark wood floors.  I think they ground a space nicely and make white baseboards and trim look crisp and clean.  Even though I love the dark look, I find myself drawn to the beauty of aged, light wood floors.  I think the detail comes through really beautifully and they add character to a home.

Here are some of favorite dark wood looks.  Paired with white and light gray walls, the floors really take center stage.

Dark Floors APinterestAddict

Image courtesy of APinterestAddict.com

Dark Floors LizMarieBlog

Image courtesy of LizMarieBlog.com

Dark Floors UnskinnyBoppy

Image courtesy of UnskinnyBoppy.com

Floors Dark Fab You Bliss

Image courtesy of FabYouBliss.com

The lighter stained floors below are also beautiful.  Notice that three of the four looks are in a chevron pattern.  The light color accentuates the detail of the floor much more than the dark floors above, allowing for a more interesting use of pattern.

Light Floor places-co

Image courtesy of Places-co.com

light floors amberinteriordesign

Image courtesy of AmberInteriorDesign.com

light floors apartmenttherapy

Image courtesy of ApartmentTherapy.com

Light Floors annagillar_se

Image courtesy of Annagillar.se.com

All of the floors above are beautiful.  It is too bad you have to choose.

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