Les Feuilles – Invigorating Your Decor With A Leaf Motif

November 16, 2017 by Melissa | 0 Comments

H&M Home Holiday Branch Tablecloth

I started thinking about leaf motifs after my recent trip to H&M Home.  H&M is featuring the beautiful tablecloth pictured above as part of its holiday collection.  There is something invigorating about bringing the outdoors inside.  Earlier this fall we explored doing it with indoor plants.  But, another (lower maintenance) option is to bring the outdoors inside using decor with a leaf motif.

There are many amazing choices when it comes to incorporating garden-themed decor into your space.   One choice is wallpaper. I find that Hygge & West has the best choices for botanical wallpaper.  A few of my favorites are pictured above.  I would use it to paper a feature wall or in a powder room.

Aja (Khaki) Wallpaper

Peonies (Yellow) Wallpaper

Nana (Pink) Wallpaper


If wallpaper feels too permanent, pillows are a great way to incorporate a new motif.  And, if you are not a fan of green, botanical fabrics come in a variety of colors.  The blue pillow above is a subtle way to incorporate the theme.

Banana Leaf Pillow

Indigo Floral Pillow

Lettuce Ware by Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch

Another impactful option is to incorporate the motif in your tableware.  The Lettuce Ware by Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch (above) is an amazing option.  The set is absolutely gorgeous.  It brings the leaf motif into every aspect of your meal, but it does so subtly because the white bone china does not scream “leaves.”  
Carlton Ware Leaf Dish, Chairish

If you still are not convinced that the leaf motif is for you, perhaps dip your toe in the water with a simple serving dish.  The Calrton Ware Leaf Dish above is beautiful, and it is about as low commitment as possible.  It adds a bit of a leaf motif, but would incorporate work well into many other decor styles.

While the onset of winter has prompted me to look for ways to bring the outdoors inside, the choices above are seasonless.  They would transition well from winter to spring, to summer and back to fall.  And, from high commitment to low commitment, there is something for everyone.

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