Kitchen Rugs, Yay or Nay?

January 12, 2018 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Beautiful modern kitchen with vintage area rug

PC: Amber Interiors

For the past few years, I have been trying to decide whether or not I like the look of a rug in the kitchen.  At first I was a definitive “nay.”  The practical side of me could not get past the impracticality of having a rug in the kitchen.  I cook A LOT.  I also have elementary school-aged kids.  So, while I am a fairly tidy cook, and my kids actually make an effort to be neat,  I end up having to clean the kitchen floor on a daily basis.  It is nice that I can quickly vacuum and give the hardwood a wash with Bona and be done.  The idea of having to also clean a rug on a daily basis seems like too much.

White kitchen with vintage area rug

PC: Andrea Miller Designs

But, there is no denying that a kitchen can feel a bit sterile.  Most kitchens I’m in are white or gray and have stainless steel appliances.  The only elements that warm the spaces up are (maybe): a few natural brass details, flowers or plants, hardwood floors, or colored towels.  That isn’t much. As people spend more and more time entertaining in their kitchens, I think there is a desire to have them feel like an extension of their living area rather than a utilitarian food preparation space.

Gray and white kitchen with area rug

PC: Mazen Studio

Hence, the emergence of the kitchen rug.  And now, after a few years, I am coming around to the idea.  From a practical perspective, it is all about the placement.  In order to avoid having the rug get too dirty, too quickly, it is critical that you not place the rug too close to the perimeter of the floor (where most dirt and dust collects as things fall of the countertop).  Of course, having a kitchen rug will require more maintenance than not having one.  So, for someone who really cannot be bothered with any additional clean up it is not the right move.

White kitchen with muted rug from Studio McGee

PC: Studio McGee 

But, if you are willing to add an extra step to your cleaning routine, I think an area rug in the kitchen is a beautiful addition.  But, what do you think?  Do you think an area rug in the kitchen is a good idea, or an impractical crumb-catcher?

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