Items We Love: Vases for Spring Flowers

March 2, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments

The weather in San Francisco has been beautiful lately.  And, while I rationally know that it is only the first week of March, all of these beautiful days have got me thinking about Spring.  One thing I love about Spring is the beautiful flowers that bloom in my neighbors’ front yards.  I am the first to admit that I am not much of a gardener.  But, my brown thumb doesn’t prevent me from appreciating other people’s efforts.

Since I can’t manage to grow any flowers in our yard, I am forced to purchase seasonal blooms.  And, in my opinion, if you are going to buy yourself beautiful flowers you need a beautiful vase to display them.  As was taking stock of my vase options, I realized that my selection is woefully deficient.  Over the years, I have chipped and cracked many of my mid-size and larger favorites, so I decided to track down some potential replacements.

For mid-to large size arrangements, any of these would do nicely.

2016 03 01 - Studio Armadillo Vase

Geometric White Ceramic Vase

2016 03 01 ceramic vase gray bottom

Ceramic Gray-Bottom Vase

2016 03 01 Anthropologie flower vase

Ceramic Flower Vase

2016 03 01 - Anthro checked

Ceramic Yellow-Checked Vase

2016 03 01 - CB2 three piece vase setThree-Piece Vase Set

2016 03 01 - Kora vase cb

Kora Vase

While, I’m am not personally in the market for one, If you are looking for a bud vase (or smaller bowl), look no further.  These are my all-time favorites.  I actually own two out of three below and if one of them should break, I’ll just repurchase it.  That is how much I love them.

2016 03 01 heath vase

Ceramic Bud Vase

2016 03 01 Shelburne Posy Vase

Shelburne Posy Vase

2016 03 01 - KS Rose bowl,jpg

Rose Bowl

Happy (almost) Spring!  Stop and smell the roses.

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