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January 19, 2015 by Ariana | 1 Comment

My daughter is lucky enough to have a sunroom right off of her bedroom.  She and her friends are always drawn to its coziness and will pile in there to hang out, talk, and listen to music.  It’s currently filled with remnants of her younger self, which I still cling onto — two dollhouses, a hand painted tow chest, a doll crib.  Revolving this space has been on my project list for awhile but I wasn’t sure how to purpose the room until I saw this inspirational photo on my pinterest feed…


Source: Decoratrix

A pillow room!  What girl (or person, for that matter) wouldn’t want a pillow room?  My daughter was thrilled about the idea, so now I’m in planning mode (as always).  The sunroom is connected by french doors, which provide a lot of light into her bedroom, so we need to work with the existing color scheme:  pinks (I love that she hasn’t outgrown pink, I haven’t either), grey and pale periwinkle.  Here’s a snapshot of the main elements:

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 8.53.28 AM

Images from Land of Nod and Dwell Studio.

Since the design focus will be on fabrics, my first to do was to find a fabric that brought in the color scheme of the bedroom and would serve as the focal point for the sunroom.  After all, the refresh will consist mostly of floor coverings, pillows and window coverings.  I first searched online but fabric is something I need to see in person, so I headed to the SF Design Center.  Despite browsing many showrooms and dozens of great prints, it was difficult to find something that would complement our existing color scheme.  Luckily, Melissa spotted this print at Osborne & Little.  Not only did it incorporate all the hues we needed, its cherry blossom print reminded me of my daughter’s quilt when she just transitioned out of a crib.  Perfect.  Luckily, she agreed.  We mixed in some more modern and geometric prints of varying sizes, as well as some solids (as I often need to restrain my love of prints), to go with our O&L print.  Take a look at our pattern play and watch for future posts.


Fabrics shown from Osborne & Little, Duralee, and Quadrille.

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