In the Works: Pillow Room Update

March 10, 2015 by Ariana | 0 Comments

With demo on my daughter’s sunroom well underway, our plans to make it into a pillow room/tween retreat have shifted into high gear.  I started by choosing our fabric scheme (shown above), and now it’s time to get down to the detailed execution.  There are three main items to source:  window coverings, floor covering and lots and lots of pillows. Since my daughter is eleven now and this is the third transition her room has seen (I take most of the responsibility for this, of course), I am on the lookout for good deals to keep it to a reasonable budget.

Window coverings.  The sunroom obviously gets a lot of natural light, which we want to filter to protect the interior. There are a lot of windows to cover and with our budget in mind, I am opting for simple white curtains from Ikea (priced at $10/pair!).  Not one to miss a design opportunity, I luckily found hot pink pom pom trim from Discount Fabrics on Clement Street for $3/yard.  Adding trim will provide some much-needed punch to these otherwise plain curtains.

Floor coverings.  The space is about 50×150″ and not really suitable for standard rugs.  Since it’s already got hardwood on the floors, I don’t want to install wall-to-wall carpeting but I do want to provide soft cover as most of the sitting will be on the floor.  I used FLOR tiles in my son’s room and have been happy with the results, so I went back to their Pacifics Heights store to scout colors and styles.  As luck would have it, they are having a spring sale this month so my timing worked out.  I love how easy it is to use FLOR tiles to accommodate different spaces, and they were a cinch to install too.  They can also cut the 20″ squares into different sizes so I’m able to add a different textured border to add to the width and cover our 50″ space.  Plus, I bought a couple extra tiles in case they need to be replaced down the road.

Pillows galore.  The planning process started with selecting fabrics.  The Osborne & Little cherry blossom print pictured above sets the tone for the overall scheme.  We still need some solids and different textures to mix with these prints.  Since the printed pillows will mostly be custom made (by me), I wanted to save some work and expense by purchasing budget-friendly pillows to ground our prints and add some texture.  We have a good amount of space to cover, which means a lot of pillows!  Here’s what I have in mind.



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