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February 11, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments

I was very disappointed when my son informed me that he no longer wants blue and orange in his bedroom (orange is my favorite color).  He would prefer blue and yellow.  Since we are remodeling, I can indulge him and decided to look around for some inspiration.  I found it here.

2016 02 11 yellow stripes

Image courtesy of ArchDigest.com

I love the yellow stripes against a light gray backdrop.  And, thankfully, the navy blue bunk beds that we already own will work as well with yellow accents as they did with the orange (sniff sniff).  So, with yellow stripes in my future, I decided to put a new look together for my little guy.  Right now we are just looking for basics.  Here is what I have so far.


I like keeping the gray as a neutral in the room.  I chose the pendant, dresser, and jute rug with the idea that they would stand the test of time as my son grows up.  The large throw pillows are actually made out of sunbrella material – perfect for a four year old whose hands aren’t always as clean as I would like.  I am on the hunt for a decal wall map that would fit nicely next to the bottom bunk, and some additional wall decor, but this a good start.  Stay tuned for images of the finished product.

Shopping List

  1. Giles Faceted Sphere Pendant
  2. Eden Lamp
  3. Cabin Quilt
  4. Color Blocked Pillow
  5. Ribbon Pillow
  6. Star Pillow
  7. Fort Bunk Bed
  8. Jute Rug
  9. Kenwood Dresser
  10. Whale Bank


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