Going Back To School With Style

August 17, 2015 by Melissa | 0 Comments

In our house it always seems like the “back to school” season is a time for renewal.  It started when I was little.  I was always a bit of a nerd and for me, getting back to school meant new clothes, new gear, new school supplies, new teachers and new classes.  I always loved the possibilities that a new school year represented.  

As we are sending our kids off to school in the next week, I find myself having the same excitement for them.  I am especially loving what seems to be an endless supply of stylish school gear for the little ones.  We have gathered some of our favorite pieces of back to school gear for the elementary set and some of them are so stylish I would consider using them myself.  

Backpacks & Lunch Boxes

No doubt about it, backpacks and lunch boxes are the workhorse items of your back-to-school gear.  After all, the kiddos will be using them every day for at least a year (hopefully longer) and they have to take a beating day after day.  They will get wet, dirty, and squished.  We have put several items to the test (the Skip Hop, Beatrix and Madewell backpacks and lunch boxes) and they not only held up well but are also stylish.


1.  Skip Hop Owl, Butterfly and Dinosaur backpacks.  (Coordinating lunch boxes available here.)

2.  Shark Backpack

3.  Beatrix Whale and Ice Cream Cone backpacks (Coordinating lunch boxes available here.)

4.  Transport Rucksack

5.  Little America Backpack

6.  Heritage Backpack

7.  Rover Backpack

8.  Kids Puffer Backpack

Lunch Box Necessities

These days, in addition to needing sturdy lunch box, you need some items for packing.  In my family we try to stay away from plastics, so the items below are perfect for us.  We have tested all of them.  The Wean Green cubes come in many shapes and sizes and are practically unbreakable.  The aluminum water bottles are super cute and can be personalized; my only advice is do not put them in the dishwasher – the cute stripes fall right off.  Other than the dishwasher issue (which I should mention we were cautioned about in the packing materials), every piece has held up for us for more than one year and counting.

Lunch boxes

9.   Wean Green Glass Lunch Cubes
10.  Life Factory Glass Water Bottles
11.  Fairfax Water Bottles
12.  Yummi Lunch Pouches

Here’s to another great school year!

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