Gilmore Girls

September 1, 2016 by Ariana | 0 Comments

From 2000 to 2007, a little show called “Gilmore Girls” ran on the now-defunct WB.  This fan favorite followed the lives of a fast-talking, pop-culture referencing, caffeine-addict, single mom (played by our favorite TV mom, Lauren Graham) and her similar, but bookworm-ish teenage daughter (the lovely, Alexis Bledel).  Unlike many in the blogosphere who are equally obsessed with this show, we weren’t teenagers when it aired so we didn’t relate to Rory (the daughter) as much as we did Lorelai, her independent and stubborn mother (except for the whole teen mom thing).  A couple of years ago, I re-watched all seven seasons of this show and became newly obsessed (and inspired Melissa to do the same).  Though I had watched it semi-regularly in its original run, Netflix allowed me to watch it chronologically in a short time period and gain a new appreciation for the dynamic relationship between the main Gilmore Girls (Emily, included), their still-funny pop culture references and digs (most of which require viewers to be born before the 90s anyway), and quirky characters.  So we were thrilled when Netflix announced earlier this year that it was releasing a series of four, ninety-minute episodes capturing a Year in the Life in the present time.  In anticipation, I started my third viewing so I won’t miss a beat when the revival airs the day after Thanksgiving.  My newly-teenaged daughter is also hooked, and even my nearly-10 son has enjoyed some episodes of witty banter.  We can’t wait for the revival.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you still have plenty of time to catch up before Thanksgiving!

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