Fiber Art

November 10, 2017 by Ariana | 0 Comments

Fiber art is having a moment.  We’ve witnessed the rising popularity of woven hangings and even knots.  I have had my eye on these minimalist, abstract works from Ethan Cook.  They remind me of a framed modern quilt (without the quilting).  His art has been described as paintings without paint.  Take a look.

ethan cook

Ethan Cook Fiber Art

Ethan Cook Fiber Art

meike legler

German artist, Meike Legler, similarly “paints” with natural fibers.  His works are definitely reminiscent of modern quilting, with his use of organic shapes and more vibrant colors.  I really like the effect of the more subtle pieces, especially the almost monochromatic ones that rely on texture.

Meike Legler

Meike Legler

I am inspired to dust off my fabric piecing skills and give fiber arts a try.  Stay tuned.


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