Feeling Mighty

October 11, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments


I have been a runner for a long time; ever since I can remember, really.  It is very cathartic to me – it is the time when I work out my schedule, plan my day, work through my to-do list, and if I am on a treadmill, catch up on my favorite TV shows.  So, when I was recently benched by a foot injury, I was forced to explore alternate exercise options.


When I was pregnant with my first child, I was a regular at prenatal pilates. After my daughter was born, things got very busy and I could barely fit a run into my schedule and let alone regular pilates.  Then my son came along, and pilates moved even further down my list of priorities.


Unfortunately, I am still not running.  But, maybe it is a blessing in disguise because as a result I am pretty excited to have rediscovered my favorite pilates studio, Mighty Pilates.  It is an amazing studio on Sacramento street in Presidio Heights.  They offer a variety of classes at all levels, along with private sessions.  The instructors are all amazing and the space is a beautiful, spa-like oasis. If you have ever thought about trying pilates I highly recommend Mighty Pilates.

Mighty Pilates

3654 Sacramento Street

San Francisco, CA 94118


*All images courtesy of mightypilates.com 


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