Featured Item: Antique Banquette

June 23, 2015 by Melissa | 0 Comments


We are fortunate to have this gorgeous, antique banquette for sale on the website right now for $ 500.00.

RD - Antique Dining banquette 2

We know it can be difficult to figure out how to mix old pieces with more current items.  So, we decided to spend a little time thinking about what exactly we would mix with this beautiful buffet.  The possibilities are endless really, but when we finally narrowed down our choices, this is what we ended up with.  If you are not sure how this piece would fit into your home, we hope our ideas give you a little inspiration.



1.  Yellow Gourd Vases
2.  Breck Chandelier
3.  Parsons Round Mirror With Bone Inlay
4.  Mandala Cotton Carpet
5.  Lumbar Pillow
6.  Patterned Pillows
7.  Sumner Dining Table
8.  Tigris Dining Chair





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