I have another question that’s not listed here.

No problem.  Email us at info@revolvingdecor.com.

Can I buy or sell on RevolvingDecor.com if I live outside the San Francisco Bay Area?

At this time, our site is focused on buyers and sellers living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Certain sellers may be willing to ship items outside the San Francisco Bay Area, feel free to ask. You may also find … Continue reading

Can I follow RevolvingDecor.com on social media?

Please do!  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.

Do you disclose any of my information to the buyer/seller?

Sellers have the option of listing their items anonymously.  If they do so, when a potential buyer contacts the seller through the website, the buyer will not see the seller’s email address until the seller responds. The buyer’s email address … Continue reading

Why do you require sign-in information?

Collecting this information helps us to curate listings that will inspire our buyers and sellers.