Eating in Style: Easter Brunch

March 16, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments

2016 03 15 - tulips

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Easter is here.  It feels like it has a arrived a little early this year.  A couple of days ago I decided that it was time to start thinking about Easter brunch.  So I got my act together and planned the menu.  Curious?  The menu and links to the recipes are below.

As for the table, I keep things simple.  Fresh flowers, in the form of peonies or tulips, are my favorites.  I love the arrangement in the photo above.  No time to shop for flowers, check out the “bloomthat” app for gorgeous stems delivered to your doorstep.

On to the menu. . . .

Menu: Ham, Deviled Eggs, Potato-Fennel Gratin, Asparagus, Hot Cross Buns, Lemon Bars

Our Easter menu tends to be traditional.  It always includes a ham.  For many years I bought the ham, scored the fat, inserted individual cloves, and cooked it in beer and brown sugar.  Now it seems like the only choice is spiral sliced, so we just go with that.  It is easy to make (follow the included instructions) and a crowd pleaser.  It also allows me to focus my attention on the sides.

2016 03 15 eggs 3

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Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a great way to use the hardboiled eggs that you let your kids dye.  These are great as an appetizer or as part of the meal.  My favorite deviled eggs are at Park Tavern restaurant in San Francisco.  Lucky for me, someone figured out how to recreate the recipe.   (Recipe link.)  One note, reduce the mayonnaise by half and then once the other ingredients are incorporated add enough of the remaining mayonnaise to reach the desired consistency. When I used the full amount it resulted in an egg that was too runny for my taste.

2016 03 15 - Potato Fennel gratin

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Potato-Fennel Gratin

I love potatoes au gratin, but I often find the dish to be heavy and without a lot of flavor.  I tried out Ina Garten’s Potato-Fennel Gratin a few years ago and it has become my go-to potato recipe.  The fennel adds a little freshness to the dish that you cannot get from potatoes alone.  (Recipe link.)

2016 03 15 roasted asparagus Image courtesy of simplyrecipes.com


I keep asparagus easy.  I break off the ends, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, wrap in aluminum foil, and bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees.  It could not be easier.

2016 03 15 - hot cross buns

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Hot Cross Buns

I have to admit, I have never made hot cross buns before.  But, I have always wanted to try.  I think this might be the year and this recipe doesn’t look very complicated.  I think I am going to give it a go.

2016 03 15 - Lemon Bars

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Lemon Bars

For dessert at Easter, I always like something fruit-based.  I think it is because the holiday marks the start of Spring.  Whatever the reason, I generally do not like to include heavy, chocolate-y desserts as part of the Easter meal.  True to form, this year we’ll be having lemon bars.  Follow this link for a recipe that can’t be beat.

How about you?  What is on your menu?

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