Earthquake-Friendly Over the Bed Decor

September 1, 2015 by Ariana | 0 Comments

A friend of ours recently asked for some design advice.  She is looking for ideas to decorate the wall behind her bed that won’t pose a risk in the event of an earthquake.  In other words, no heavy objects that could fall down on them.  So we came up with some solutions that will allow them to sleep soundly at night without sacrificing any style.

One alternative is to hang an interesting textile over the bed.  We love this look, even if you don’t need to worry about potential quakes.  A colorful suzani, as shown below, or a modern quilt would be a great focal point for any bedroom.  St. Frank has a great selection, or give yourself something to hunt for at the local flea market.



My own solution for over the bed decor was to hang wallpaper only on the wall behind our bed.  There are so many fantastic wallpaper designs out there.  Your entire wall will look like a piece of art.  Osborne & Little and Schumacher have some of our favorites.  Simple, chic white bedding lets your featured wall stand out.





A hybrid of the wallpaper and textile idea, highlighting the entire wall in fabric, whether to cover a window or not, is another great option.  This damask is striking, especially with the black and white rug.




If you really want to use framed art to decorate a bedroom, opt to move it sideways.  Hanging heavier objects over the nightstands gives you twice as many opportunities to decorate “over” the bed.  We love the look of these paired mirrors on either side of this beautiful four-poster bed.main.original.585x0


A pair of framed silk panels on either side of the bed are also super chic.  We like these from Bungalow 5.






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