DIY Wall Clock

September 23, 2016 by Ariana | 0 Comments

Quite awhile ago, I mentioned I was on the look-out for a clock to use in our master bathroom.  Well, I hate to admit that despite all these great choices, I couldn’t find one I really liked at a good price point.  So, I decided to make one myself.  I’ve seen clock kits before at our local craft stores, but hadn’t given much thought to DIY-ing this project until I spotted this wood clock kit from Target’s Hand Made Modern collection.  It is the perfect blank canvas for creating any clock my imagination can conjure, and it’s less than $8!


After spending some time deciding on what I wanted to do — should I paint, use washi tape, gold leaf, etc?  My creative side was tempting me to do more, but I decided to go with a minimal look and use this shibori-print paper we found in LA.  After tracing the clock face onto the back of the paper, it was easy enough to cut and adhere it to the clock base with Yes! glue.  Starting in the middle, I centered the glued paper onto the clock and then brushed glue from the center point out and around the edge.  The only tricky part was to avoid air bubbles; a plastic straight-edge did the trick.  The clock hands already come in brass, and I think this combination looks great.  This project took less than 30 minutes and I love the result!

The finished result, and yes, it works!  (But be sure to put the battery in after you set the time!)


Photos original to RevolvingDecor.com.

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