DIY: Terrariums

December 16, 2014 by Ariana | 1 Comment

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At last month’s Renegade Craft Fair, Makers Kit hosted a station where visitors could make and bring home their own terrariums.  My daughter, who accompanied me, enjoyed this project so much that we brought home one of this hanging air plant terrarium kit for her younger brother to do at home.  My son thought it was “so cool” that the instructors in the how-to video were guys.  Inspired, we decided to make our own terrariums as gifts for their teachers.

After doing some research, we came up with our own list of easy instructions for how to make a low-maintenance terrarium.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started for our pared-down version:  glass container, rocks and pebbles, sand, potting soil, plants, and moss.  I found our supplies at home supply, gardening and craft stores.

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Step 1:  Choose a glass container.  Since we wanted to use succulents (we don’t like to give high-maintenance gifts), we chose open glass containers purchased from a local craft supply store.

Step 2:  Layer rocks and pebbles.

Step 3:  Layer sand.  This is optional but can create more visual interest, especially if you choose sand in a different color from the other elements.

Step 4:  Add potting soil.

Step 5:  Gently place in your plants and mix into the potting soil with your fingers so the plants stay upright.

Step 6:  Add some rocks, if you like, and some moss on top.

Step 7:  Spritz with a little water and you’re done!  Terrariums require only 3 teaspoons of water every 7-10 days.  Now you’ve got a living gift that you personally made.  Who wouldn’t be happy to receive that?

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