DIY Holiday Card Display

December 16, 2015 by Ariana | 0 Comments

We love receiving holiday cards and seeing how much our friends’ children have grown in the past year, especially those who don’t live nearby.  This year, I was looking for ideas on how to display ours.  We used to put them on the refrigerator, but the new one is no longer magnetized.  After searching for ideas online, I came up with my own.  Rather than make new holes in our mostly plaster walls, I leveraged existing ones by hanging ribbon over a large mirror.  This simple DIY requires only two supplies:  this wide stripe ribbon and mini clothespins.  Both are available in different colors, and I chose these because they were festive and reusable.  No mirror is necessary, you can achieve the same display by hanging the ribbon from a mantle, stairwell, doorframe or anywhere you want to be surrounded by your family and friends.


Since the display would be temporary, I used painter’s tape to fasten the ribbon in the back of the mirror, making sure to adhere the tape to the mirror’s frame (since the paper backing is loose).  Hanging the ribbon vertically over the mirror makes it easier to secure.    Be sure to gently pull the ribbon so it is tight before taping the bottom.

Next, I found these tiny clothespins to hang holiday cards to the ribbons.  Not only are the clothespins super cute (aren’t all tiny things?), they also make it easy to move the cards around as you receive new ones.


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