DIY: Giving an old dresser a facelift

September 9, 2015 by Ariana | 0 Comments

There is nothing more satisfying (decor-wise) than giving new life to an old piece, especially when that item may otherwise be headed for the dumpster.  Many a time I’ve considered whether I could fit abandoned furniture sitting on a curb into my car.  I still regret not taking a set of caned chairs years ago.  A friend of mine bought a new (to her) house and was not going to use an old white dresser that was left behind.  It is all wood and has solid construction.  Immediately, I asked if I could have it.  Now, I regrettably forgot to take a “before” photo.  I made two trips to pick it up, first taking only the drawers.  So excited was I to start the project that I removed the old knobs and sanded the face of the drawers before I had picked up the dresser itself.  Needless to say, that was a missed opportunity, but imagine if you will, a run-down white dresser with flower painted floral knobs.

This DIY was super easy and costs less than eight dollars because I used paint I already had.  I decided to go with a subtle colorblock scheme, painting the dresser a glossy white and the drawers a pale gray.  All it took was a little sanding and two coats of paint.  I used a small roller to paint the sides of the dresser so it would have a smoother finish, then went back over it with a paintbrush to make sure the paint was even.  After an hour of drying, I applied a second coat.

The following day, I added these new glass drawer pulls.  There is certainly a wide range of vintage drawer pulls with the same look, but I found this set of 10 for less than $8.  Can’t beat the price and they look great!

Check out the final result.  If you look closely, you might notice it is paired with the DIY Inspiration Board for a girls room in a friend’s vacation house.

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