Dining In Style: Pizzaiolio

August 11, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments

I recently made my second trip to the Oakland eatery Pizzaiolio and I have been impressed both times I have eaten there.  The interior design of the space is very nicely balanced.  It has a rustic feel but is refined at the same time.  It is like a warm hug and makes you want to eat pizza.  I assume that this is what the restaurant is going for since pizza is Pizzaiolio’s speciality.

pizza interior 2

pizz interior

In addition to having a beautiful interior space, the restaurant has a back patio that is perfect for warm summer nights across the bay.

pizza exterior

In addition to having a welcoming space, the service is excellent.  My first time at Pizzaiolio I was with a group of 12; the second time was with a group of 4.  Both times the busy restaurant handled our parties with ease.  They were attentive, our drink orders arrived quickly, there were no long delays between courses, and all of the orders were correct.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the food is delicious.  From appetizers, to the salad, to the pizza to the dessert – each course is absolutely delicious.  My favorites were the arugula salad, the pizza with pancetta, potato, fontina and rosemary, the pizza with cherry tomatoes, guanciale, padrons & grana, and the apple crostata.  But it was hard to single those out because everything was absolutely delicious.


Image courtesy of Pizzaiolio

pizza zucchini

Image courtesy of Pizzaiolio

pizza 3

*Images courtesy of Yelp, unless otherwise indicated.

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