Dining in Style: Nico

June 24, 2015 by Ariana | 0 Comments

Before presenting us with the dinner menus, our waitress at Nico asked if we wanted to order carte blanche.  Being a bit of a picky eater, I opted to take a look at the 3 or 5 course daily menu.  Since it wasn’t my first visit, I was a bit surprised to discover only five selections listed (excluding the optional cheese course).  I decided to be “adventurous” (for me) and go with the five courses, despite the listing of several items I don’t normally eat.  I really try not to let my selectiveness affect those who dine with me, and besides, SF is such a foodie town, I would prefer to eat more things.  We were also celebrating an occasion so we went for the magnum of champagne that they open nightly — correction:  glasses of the magnum (there were only two of us!), but it was still fun to watch them pop that cork!  The presentation and atmosphere at Nico, as well as the hospitality, are divine.  Every dish was almost too pretty to eat.  And even though many had ingredients I don’t prefer, I savored all five courses, which goes to show what a difference excellent culinary skills make.

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A sample of Nico’s daily selections.

My mouth is still watering for their salted caramel bites.


Photos courtesy of Nico.  

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