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September 6, 2017 by Ariana | 0 Comments

Courtesy of Color Factory

Courtesy of Color Factory

I debated on whether to post about the Color Factory, since tickets to the pop-up exhibition have been sold out — twice.  Initially slated for the month of August, tickets sold out on opening day.  After announcing that Color Factory would extend its stay through September, the new round of tickets sold out within a few hours.  We were lucky enough to nab tickets in the second round (harder than Hamilton!), and went with friends on Labor Day.

This interactive museum is an explosion of — you guessed it — color!  We arrived early for our time slot and didn’t wait long before descending the spiral rainbow staircase into our colorful journey.  Although it’s frustrating that tickets are limited, we did appreciate that the number of visitors are limited.  It makes the experience more enjoyable, especially since everyone was stopping to explore and especially to snap those instagram-worthy pics! After registering with an email address, you can scan your card so that the automated cameras will take your photo and then send them to you.

For those who won’t get the chance to visit (cross your fingers they extend their stay again!), follow me on this virtual tour:

Scratch and sniff different scents inspired by each hue in this rainbow-striped room:



A life-sized Lite Brite:




Tens of thousands of ribbons made up this hands-on exhibit:


Visitors were encouraged to leave their mark with these six-foot long markers:


One of best rooms had paper confetti slowly falling from the ceiling, which was used to play and make confetti angels:


The final exhibit was the much-anticipated yellow ball room, where we spent the most time:


The well-situated ceiling camera snapped and emailed us this pic of two delighted kids:


We had a blast with this color-saturated experience.  Now we’re hoping they’ll open up more dates and tickets to the sold-out Museum of Ice Cream!

Featured photo from Color Factory; all others are original to RevolvingDecor.com.


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