Can Mascara Change Your Life?

August 29, 2017 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Kevin Aucoin Mascara

Yes, if it is Kevin Aucoin volume mascara.

Here is how this mascara changed my life.  I was a person who repeatedly vowed to wash my face every night.  But, I failed over and over again in large part because it was too annoying to deal with removing my eye makeup.  This sounds ridiculous – especially if you know me and realize how little make up I wear –  but, the mascara I wore was so difficult to remove that I had to use eye make up remover before and after washing my face to avoid raccoon eyes and it was honestly just too much to deal with when I was tired and ready for bed.

Thankfully, last May, I was on a girls’ trip and noticed that my roommate didn’t seem to have the same eye make up removal issue.  She told me about Kevin Aucoin’s mascara and my life has changed.  The mascara uses “tubing technology” that coats each lash individually.  Not only does it go on easily and look great all day, the best part is that you need nothing more than soap and water to remove it.  It comes off in a tube.  No more raccoon eyes.

So, can mascara change your life?  As I said above, it can.  I now wash my face every night which means I actually apply moisturizer and eye cream as well.  As far as I am concerned, my new mascara is going to save my skin.  I am hoping my new routine will result in less wrinkles, and when I look back I will believe I will say that my new mascara changed my life.

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