Break It Down: Spring Living Room

April 27, 2017 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Lately I have been a little bit obsessed with following Studio McGee on Pinterest.  The design team has a really great transitional style that perfectly blends classic and contemporary pieces.  The rooms are balanced, current, and perhaps most importantly, livable.  As I was browsing their website site, I came across this living room.

SM Straight on

SM Side view

Images courtesy of Studio McGee

The space is example of the way Studio McGee uses classic pieces in a modern way.  In addition, the palette of the room is ideal for Spring.  Actually, the crisp white and blue accented with the pastels is perfect any time of year, but I think it is especially relevant when we are all day-dreaming about beach days and fresh-cut blooms.  Once I saw it, I couldn’t resist breaking it down.  These are the pieces I would use to recreate it at home.




Barclay Sofa

Olivia Chair

Omni End Table

Porcelain Garden Stool

Bianca Coffee Table

Claretta Rug

Arpont Floor Lamp

Up High by Lesley Grainger

Don’t Look Back by Lesley Grainger

Square Table Lamp

Two Tone Pillows

Thatch Stripe Pillow

Huntington Garden Pillow


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