Break it Down: Bright & Inviting Bedroom

August 18, 2015 by Ariana | 0 Comments

This bedroom perfectly balances many elements.  The ornate shape and traditional style of the upholstered bed frame is modernized in a cool grey hue.  The fine hotel-like cotton bedding is given a personal touch with coral, velvet pillows. A pair of turquoise glass lamps warm up the sleek white nightstands.  And the wooden bench adds another traditional and slightly rustic tough.  On paper it doesn’t necessarily sound like it would work, but this room nails it.

Want to recreate this look in your home?  Here’s how we break it down.

Slide2shopping list:

  1. Coral Velvet Pillow
  2. Matouk Classic Chain Bedding
  3. Curved Upholstered Bed
  4. Turquoise Glass Lamp
  5. Worlds Away Nightstand
  6. Reclaimed Wood Bench

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor.

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