The Best 5-Minute DIY Hostess Gift

October 15, 2015 by Ariana | 0 Comments

With an active time of 3-5 minutes and only 3 items on the supply list, this may be the easiest and best DIY gift we’ve ever made.  On a recent search for a hostess gift, we came up empty-handed.  Food and drinks are always a good back-up, but we wanted to give something that our hostesses can enjoy for awhile.  So, with the holidays right around the corner (despite the 70-something degree weather), we’ve been thinking of new ideas for the perfect hostess gift and this just may be it.  The gold dip trend hasn’t slowed down; it certainly hasn’t lost its appeal to us.  After spying a lot of cute coasters lately, we came up with this idea for a DIY.  Not only are these slate and gold coasters practical and chic, they’re a cinch to make!  We have a feeling a lot more of our friends will be receiving these this season…

Supply list:

  1. Painter’s tape
  2. Gold spray paint
  3. Slate coasters

how to:

1. After placing the coasters on top of newspaper or other paper that you can discard after painting, tape off the areas on the coasters that you want to keep slate.  I used the natural lines and shapes of the individual slate coasters to inspire these shapes.  Make sure the tape is applied evenly and well to ensure clean paint lines.

2. Read the instructions on the spray paint.  Typically, it requires vigorous shaking and an even spray about 8 inches away from the surface.  Spray the un-taped sections of the coasters evenly.  Repeat for second coat, if needed.

3. After the instructed drying time, carefully peel back the tape to reveal the gold dip effect.  That’s it!

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