A Welcoming Guest Room

May 15, 2018 by Melissa | 0 Comments

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PC: Studio McGee 

Now that we no longer live close to most of our family and friends, we have the privilege of hosting guests at our home in Chicago.  Thankfully, we have a dedicated guest room which makes it easy for family and friends to visit.  While our guest room has been open for business for the past several months, it is need of a serious update.  Sadly, it is at an end of the house where we do not spend much time (until we prepare for guests, of course).  We purchased a new bed for the space when we arrived, but that was all we did.  The bedding is one size too big for the mattress, and the towels and other accessories are all hand-me-downs from our previous homes.

Guest Bedroom | RevolvingDecor.com SF & Chicago

PC: Amber Interiors

I would like to create a space that is not only serene but also to our visitors.  Over the years, I have figured out that there are certain things that make me happy when I am traveling.  Some small things include a reading light over the bed, a cozy blanket to curl up with, a robe, and a place to stash dirty clothes.

Guest Bedroom | RevolvingDecor.com SF & Chicago

PC: TheEverygirl.com

There are a lot of inspiring beautiful places out there.  The only piece that we currently own is the indigo upholstered bed.  I love the classic, preppy look of blue and white.  But, I also considering adding some lighter shades of blue and turquoise, and a few pops of pink.  So far, here are a few of the pieces that I am considering.

Guest Room Elements | RevolvingDecor.com SF & Chicago

Indigo Upholstered Linen Bed

Brushed Steel Wall Lamps

Charleston Vintage Alarm Clock

Jarin Nightstand

Slub Weave Bird Cushion Cover

Sunset Pillow Cover

Pink Cushion Cover

Alexis Quilt and Sham


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