Weekend Inspiration: A Good Read

April 17, 2015 by Ariana | 1 Comment

In anticipation of spring break, I had loaded my Kindle with a new book to read.  I’m a quick reader but since this was a short getaway, I thought one book would be sufficient and didn’t bring another one in hard copy, as I usually do for longer trips.  After the kids jumped into the pool, I settled into a chaise ready to dive into “The Girl on a Train,” which I had been eager to read.  While this is not a real problem, especially coming from typically foggy SF, the sun was too bright and I couldn’t make out the words on the screen.  Well, I wasn’t able to read right then, so I enjoyed a glass of sangria instead.  That night after dinner, we came across a Barnes & Noble, and I picked up a good ol’ paperback.  I’m pretty old school and still prefer to have a regular book in hand, often on loan from the public library.  I chose a novel that sounded familiar, “An American Wife” by Curtis Sittenfeld, who authored “Prep,” which I had enjoyed years ago.

That night before going to bed, I started reading “American Wife.”  The first few pages sounded familiar, but that’s not so unusual, as I have returned library books without finishing them when I lost interest or had little time.  As I kept reading, 100 pages in, 200 pages in, I realized, I had read this before.  Still, I didn’t remember how the book ended, or how far I had gotten, so I kept reading.  Well, after 300 and especially 400 pages in, I had to admit that I had in fact, read the entire novel before.  Even after finishing the 500+ fiction, I was semi-surprised as I continued to read, but everything seemed familiar.  My husband kept asking whether I didn’t have a duplicate copy at home, which thankfully, I don’t.  Needless to say, “American Wife” was a good read — both times.  When we got back home, I received an email from the public library — my requested copy of “The Girl on a Train” was on hold.  I picked it up the next day and can’t wait to read it.  And yes, I’m sure I haven’t read THAT one before.

I’m always looking for book recommendations.  Add yours to the comments!

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Image courtesy of Amazon.com, where you can pick up your own copy of “American Wife” to read once or twice.

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